McDonalds Happy Meal Toys 2012 Pirates Adventure with Scientists


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McDonalds Pirates & Scientists Toys – BRAND NEW IN SEALED PACKETS (Unless stated)


Issued in 2012 as part of a McDonalds Pirates & Scientists Movie toys promotion.

Set consisted of 8 characters as follows;

Black Bellamy
Cutlass Liz
Charles Darwin
Polly Dodo
Queen Victoria
Pirate Captain Crook
Bobo Monkey
Pirate with red scarf

This listing is for individual toys as shown in the drop down list.

Where possible we will have added pictures showing the size of the actual toy.

If not and you need to know please feel free to contact us.

General Info

All orders sent in protective packaging.
Returns accepted for any reason.
No quibble money back guarantee.
Any questions PLEASE get in touch.

Safety Notice

These toys may contain small parts or present a choking hazard.
Their use is not intended for or advised for young children.

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