25 February 2021


When I first saw this particular football hooligan book I was very interested in reading it as Middlesbrough are one of the football teams in my area

In fact when I was younger I used to go to Darlington games at the old Feethams ground and they played Boro there a couple of times in the 1980s and I was intrigued to see if the events of those games were mentioned in the book and sure enough they were.

I wasnt at the second game in 1987 but had been there at the FA Cup game (which Darlo won) a couple of years earlier and it was great to read the Boro account of the mass fight after the match that night, suffice to say the sight of what seemed like a few hundred very pissed off Boro running across the cricket pitch was a bit frightening but the majority of the Darlo did stand and the book at least gives credit to Darlo for having the balls to take them on. 

The second game was apparently even worse and I was told by some of the Darlo lads out and about that day that it wasnt all Boro and again fair play to this book it does say that.

The Frontline

Official Synopsis

Middlesbrough – the Iron City. An industrial townbuilt on iron, steel, coal and the docks. Home to some of the hardest men in Britain and to one of football’s most notorious hooligan gangs, The Frontline. Forged in the late sixties, the Frontline went on to become one of the most active football hooligan gangs in the country, their reputation built on their courage and grit intoe-to-toe battles. Written by an original member of the gang, this is a behind-the-scenes account of the Frontline’s bitterest rivalries. With 8 pages of b/w photos.

This was another book that I read from cover to cover in a couple of days and it was very sad to hear that the author Paul Debrick died in 2007, his story made great reading and wasnt just your normal “we ran them, they ran us” crap that some football hooligan books are like. This was a proper book.

The Brick

Official Synopsis

For 20 years, Paul DeBrick has been recognised as one of the hardest men on the British football hooligan scene. As a main face – some say as the main face – with the infamous Middlesbrough Frontline, he has fought literally hundreds of battles against rival crews from all over the country. A man who can never do things by halves, The Brick developed a heroin and crack habit in the mid-90s that saw him plummet to the depths. When he was given a week to live by doctors, he vowed to fight his way back to health and strength – and he succeeded.

Both of these books can be picked up very cheaply on Ebay and Amazon and they are well worth the couple of quid theyll cost you !!