22 May 2022

Dickson Orde

We havent been able to find out too much information about this company other than it was based in Surrey and was taken over in 1980 by a confectionery company called Needlers.

It appears to have only issued the one set of football cigarette cards which were simply called “Footballers”. They were released with “Festoon” confectionery back in 1960 and featured 50 colour head and shoulders portraits and action pictures.

An interesting format was used for some of the players with them appearing in posed position in the changing rooms or assorted locations.

The players appearing in the set and their football club at the time were as follows;

Bob Stokoe. George Eastham – Newcastle United

George Smith, Joe Hogan – Partick Thistle

Dick Beattie – Celtic

Jimmy Miller, Shearer, Willie Ritchie – Glasgow Rangers

Dick Neal – Birmingham

Ron Flowers, Billy Wright, Gerry Harris,  Malcolm Finlayson – Wolves

Bobby Robson, Derek Kevan, Ronnie Allen – West Brom

Wilbur Cush – Leeds

Colin McDonald – Burnley

Peter McParland, Nigel Sims – Aston Villa

Bill Eckersley, Brian Douglas – Blackburn

Tom Finney – Preston

Jim Langley – Fulham

Nat Lofthouse, J Higgins – Bolton

Gordon Turner – Luton

Ron Stitfall – Cardiff

Jim Murray – Hearts

Jim Dickinson – Portsmouth

Mel Charles – Arsenal

Ian Greaves, Billy Foulkes, Ron Cope, Wilf McGuiness – Manchester United

Eddie Turnbull – Hibs

Chas Mulligan – Colchester

A Biggs – Bristol Rovers

J Watkins – Bristol City

Graham Shaw, Alan Hodgkinson, Gerry Summers – Sheffield United

Peter Taylor, Brian Clough – Middlesbrough

Hugh Kelly, Jackie Mude, Stan Matthews, Jimmy Armfield, Roy Gratix – Blackpool