27 November 2020

You Are The Ref

So how many of you reading this have ever slagged off a ref, be it when your playing football yourself or when watching them give a dodgy decision against your team ?

I’m sure there cant be anyone out there who can put their hand in the air and truthfully say “not me” ?

Yes, sometimes the decisions they give are just plain stupid and sometimes they are simply decieved by “professionalism” from players … sometimes of course their decisions are swayed by plain cheating by unscrupulous Frenchmen, slander laws of course mean I cant  name names but we all know you I’m referring to dont we !!!

You would hope that all refs have a full understanding of the rules but what about though those one off incidents that crop up now and again that nobody really knows the rule for, a classic example being the infamous Sunderland “beach ball goal” scored against Liverpool?

Perhaps if Mr Jones (the referee that day) had been a reader of the Tiger comic he might have realised it should have been disallowed as incidents like that were highlighted all the time in that comics “You Are The Ref” series where all sorts of weird and wonderful scenarios were portrayed in cartoon fashion asking the reader to test their football rules knowledge.

OK, I havent found one yet where its actually a beach ball thats caused a “goal” to be scored but there is an incident in the strip below which has a similar theme to it, i.e, where the ball hits a cameramans foot thats strayed onto the field of play 

The answer to that particular question is of course the goal shouldnt have stood, as it shouldnt have done against Liverpool, because of the “outside agent” rule.

We’ve shown the answer as it appeared in the Tiger below

Of course we havent just put this site together for the sake of it, we’ve also done it to advertise the fact that we have loads of these quizzes in their original format (i.e, the original page out of the comic) and they will shortly be up for sale in our Ebay store.

So, without waffling on anymore heres how the answer to the above scenario was portrayed in the Tiger.