30 November 2020

There’s Only One United


Like **** is there …… despite what the commentators, pundits and various so called “experts” will have you believe with their infuriating habit of always referring to Manchester United as simply “United” there is more than one United in the UK !

(In fact the majority of Uniteds were called that long before Newton Heath became the modern Man Utd)

Interesting as well is the story that when Man Utd changed their name from Newton Heath there were several options, including Celtic, Central and United and an unproven theory is that the men from Manchester were influenced by Newcastle Uniteds Edwardian dominance and subsequently plumped for United. 

Anyway, enough unproven historical myths.

I sometimes wonder if these people have any idea of how much they get up the noses of people who dont happen to support Man Utd when they insist on continuing to use this lazy, ignorant and inaccurate phrase?

Yes, Manchester United are probably the best known United but there are dozens more, in fact I bet most football fans would be unable to name even those in the Football League, never mind non league, where of course a certain FC United play !!

I’m not going to even attempt that here but just to point out to the afore mentioned experts that the fans of other Uniteds would really appreciate it if you would stop being so damn ignorant.

So anyway, as you can gather the above is a subject I feel strongly about so I decided to put a few pages together highlighting as many of the Uniteds as I can find (apologies if yours isnt on it yet but I’ve only just started) with a few little nuggets of info about them.

Each United will eventually have its own page but there wont be loads and loads of info on there, just a few bits and pieces and a few links to other sites relating to the club.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy this tongue in cheek look at the various Uniteds but please please please, if I’ve got anything wrong dont be a muppet and have a go at me for it, just point out where I’m wrong and I’ll change it.

And please please please dont think that this is an anti Man Utd thing, it most certainly isnt !!

Although I dont support them I happen to think they are one of the top teams in the world, theres no argument about that. Its purely and simply because Im sick of the way the commentators / pundits / experts etc seem to suck up to them all the time !! 

Anyway, on we go and heres a reminder to certain people of a few Uniteds;

So Messers Hansen, Hoddle, Shearer (Surely YOU should know better!!), Lineker, Moore, Motson, Pearce, Tyler etc etc please bear in mind next time you give it the big “United this United that” theres loads of us out there screaming at the TV who dont actually love Man U as much as you lot seem to !!

I’m currently updating the site but the links below will be live before too long so please pop back to see a quick overview of each UNITED.

Newcastle UNITED


Rotherham UNITED


Carlisle UNITED



Peterborough UNITED

Torquay UNITED

Scunthorpe UNITED 

Sheffield UNITED

Hartlepool UNITED