30 November 2020


When I was younger I was lucky enough to have parents who loved to holiday in the UK, this was probably more to do with the fact that holidays abroad were only for the rich and wealthy at the time but what the hell, I still got to see a lot of the UK countryside !!

Amble Pier

Amble – my favourite “local” destination, we would go there and stop on “The Links” Caravan site at least a couple of times a month, my nan and grandad also had a static caravan there and many a time me and my sisters would spend a week up there with them.

The view shown is the very end of the pier – I was actually too scared when I was younger to walk along that bit, later on though it was a favourite place for me and my dad to go fishing !!

It wasnt just one holiday a year either, as we had a touring caravan we were able to go further afield for a few long weekends every year as well as practically every other weekend spent at localish caravan sites like Amble and the Lake District. 

I still go back there regular now in my Campervan and even now get the same tingle when I visit the place and relive the memories.

Ullswater – another favourite local destination.

At the time I was in my very early teens and found some of these “holidays” pretty boring, little did I realise though that I was getting an appreciation of just how much great scenery there is in the UK and what a marvellous country we live in, thankfully I can now look back on the memories of these holidays and appreciate how lucky I was.

Whats all this got to do with postcards ??  Well, not only did my parents enjoy visiting new places they also used to have a habit of buying mementos of the places we visited, I think its from this that I got the collecting bug that has plaqued me for the rest of my life !!!

One of the main mementos in those days was postcards and they used to buy them by the handful, even in some towns that we were just passing through my father would stop the car and send my mam out to the local shop to get a few postcards of the town. Again, at the time I found this a bit tiresome, I mean, what was the point in wasting money on pictures of places we could see anyway, why not spend the money on me and my sisters instead ??

Lands End – we couldnt get any further !!

Again though I can now look at the many albums they filled and it brings the memories flooding back.

The only problem is I got the bug as well and since then I must have spent hundreds on buying up collections of postcards until Ive reached the point where space is at a premium and I need to get rid of some of them.

I decided to do this via Ebay but found that a lot of people were asking me if I had postcards of such and such a place as well so what I decided to do was set up a site that I could both sell off my spare postcards and give any buyers the opportunity to find other postcards for places I didnt have.