27 November 2020


If someone had called me a Tegestologist when I was younger I would have probably punched them, however little did I know it but the habit I had of collecting beermats from the pubs I visited did indeed make me a Tegestologist !!

Tegestology is of course the true term for beermat collecting and is used for those of us who have a fascination with these little bits of cards and cant help ourselves from picking them up, to me though it was just beermat collecting but Tegestology is the true definition of the habit my mates found so annoying. The reason it used to drive them mad was because we would have no sooner got settled in a pub than I would be pestering them to move onto the next one …….. having spent five minutes wandering around picking up any beermat variations I could find in that particular pub.

Of course as with most things I ended up growing out of the habit and it wasnt until a good clear out of my mams attic that I came across a couple of big box fulls of beermats that had been stuffed up there when I moved out. This discovery resulted in me going through another quick phase of collecting them when I went out and I even bought a few off Ebay and at boot sales, Now though its time to get rid so theyre going into my Ebay store.