1. My Favourite Soccer Stars Raith Rovers ALAN MILLER old Smash football card

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    In the early 70s IPC magazines released 2 sets of football cards that most young lads from that era will remember getting in their weekly sports comic.

    These cards are a now a very collectable and nostalgic piece of football memorabilia.

    There were 160 cards in each set and they were collected via popular comics of the time.

    The first series was released over a period of 4 weeks in 1970 (February 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th) as a set of 160 blue backed small cards.

    They were split into sets of 32 cards in 5 different comics (Buster. Lion. Scorcher. Smash.Tiger) and they came in sheets of 8 per comic.

    Problem was unless you had a good paper round or very understanding parents it was next to impossible to collect them all as you had to buy 5 comics for 4 weeks to collect the whole set.

    There was a follow on series from the above set the next year which differed from the originals by having red backs (and different players of course!!)

    They were also released via boys comics which were on this occasion Buster and Jet. Lion and Thunder. Scorcher and Score. Tiger and Valiant. TV 21.

    Again there were 8 cards per comic over a period of 4 weeks in 1971 (October 16th 23rd 30th and November 6).

    The cards were mounted in small albums presented free with the comics and because the albums had precut slits in their corners it meant the cards didnt need any glue which of course means that a lot of the surviving cards are in good condition with clean backs.

    Another reason for the cards popularity was the fact that they didnt just cover the bigger clubs but also the lesser known clubs from the lower divisions. This has made them very collectable by fans of all teams.

    This listing is for one card from the sets as per the listing title.

    It measures approx. 60mm x 45mm and is in very good condition.

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