1. LACEYS Chewing Wax Falkirk PUDDEFOOT football cigarette / trade card No 30

    Product Description

    In 1925 there was a football cigarette card set issued by Laceys Chewing Wax.

    There was 50 in the original set but these old sets are a pretty rare piece of football memorabilia now.

    Luckily there was a reprint done in 2001 by The Nostalgia Classic Collection and although these reprinted sets can be bought at fairly reasonable prices it is still really hard to get hold of individual player cards.

    To counter this weve split some of these sets up so that fans can collect their teams individual cards or maybe only the one or two they need to complete their sets rather than having to buy a full set.

    This is a brand new card from the 2001 reprint series.

    A really interesting piece of football history and a real collectable souvenir for any true fan.

    NOTE - We have shown the front and back of two cards but you will just receive ONE card.

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