1. TIGER Comic football team / squad picture - Wales 1974-75

    Product Description

    Tiger was of course a very popular football and sports related story strip comic.

    As well as the stories though it also used to have some great team line ups - both single page A4 and the much bigger (obviously) A3 centre page spreads.

    I can still remember the excitement of going to the newsagents to pick up my reserved copy - especially if I knew my favourite team was to be featured !!

    Anyway we have committed the cardinal sin of splitting some of these comics (I did spend hours reading them over again though so it took ages to do) and listing the teams individually.

    The pictures are in good condition but anyone who remembers Tiger will know these arent some mint glossy photo quality pictures but instead are printed on the thin paper stock of the time so obviously the quality of the picture reflects that.

    Still though a brilliant piece of collectable football memorabilia.

    NOTE - This one is an A3 version so obviously has a crease down the middle where it was folded.

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