A few links to various football related sites.

These include all of those in the "Footybits" network which range from commercial sites selling football programmes, football fanzines, football magazines and the like through to informational sites having a look at how football ground s used to be like in the "good old days".

There is of course links to a few of our other favourite sites as well.

The Footybits network..


Footybooks - sister site to Footybits with thousands of various football publications for sale, ranging from football programmes, fanzines, handbooks, magazines, comics etc.
Footybadges - an overview of football club badges, their history and an attempt to unravel some of the mysteries behind the meanings of the football club badge / crest.
Footyhomes - a look back at when football grounds were no more than s"""tholes that fans were crammed into with no thoughts for safety or comfort ...... oh yes, the joys of watching football in the good old days!!
Footymemorabilia - a look at the massive hobby of football memorabilia collecting, an almost impossible attempt at cataloguing the various areas of collecting elements of football history from football programmes to football cigarette cards.
Footystickers - most young lads (and a few lasses as well) can remember the school playground swapping of football stickers, this site looks at some of the popular sticker collections of the past including Panini, Merlin, FKS etc
Footycigcards - football cigarette cards were probably one of the first main areas of football memorabilia way way back and as sucvh there are hundreds of various card collections top be found, this site chronicles a few of those football card series.
Footymags - a look back at some of the earlier (and recent) football magazines such as Shoot, Charles Buchan Monthly, Goal, Jimmy Hills Weekly etc.
Footyfanzines - an A-Z reference guide to the thousands of football fanzines from the 1980s onwards.
Footyfirms - an overview of the genre of football hooliganism books, including a team by team guide to the various books relating to their teams "firms" which have been recorded in paper back.
Footyref - a look at one of the more famous features of the old Shoot magazines, the "You Are The Ref" series where unusual points of football law were questioned.
Footynicknames - ever wondered why your team got its nickname? This site will give you the background to most of them including explanations on some of the more unusual football club nicknames.
Footyunited - a sarcastic look at why football pundits insist on referring to Manchester United as simply United, even when theyre playing another team called United .... THERES MORE THAN ONE UNITED