Fanzines M

Macclesfield Fanzines

Hang Em Up

Silk Yarns

Wraggs To Riches

Maidenhead Fanzines

Shagging Magpies

Born & Bred


Maidstone Fanzines

Show Me The Way To Go

Golden Days

Yellow Fever

Avast Behind



Man City Fanzines

Electric Blue

Bert Trautmans Helmet

Blue Print

Main Stand View

Till I Cry

Singing The Blues

The Fightback

This Charming Man

King Of The Kippax

Chips N Gravy



Man Utd Fanzines

In League With Devils

Shankhill Skinhead

UWS – United We Stand

Walking Down Warwick Road

Red Issue

Red News

Red Attitude


Independent View

Blackburn Reds

By The Swords United

Lee & Bell Bum Summerbee*

* We are not 100% sure this is correct

Mansfield Fanzines

Size 10.5 Boots

Yellow Brick Road

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Stags Outside Notts               



Marine Fanzines

Up Periscope

Seamans Friend


Matlock Town Fanzines

Turquoise Trousers

Xmas Something

Keep Off The Fence

Meadowbank Thistle Fanzines


The Thistle

Mr Bismarks Picklehaube

Roll On 4.40

Mo Mo Super Mo


Merthyr Tydfil Fanzines

Dial M For Merthyr

Junior Martyr

Brecon Road Beat

Tiny Taffs Adventures



Middlesbrough Fanzines

Boys From Brazil

Fly Me To The Moon

Bread N Boro

Ayresome Angel



Millwall Fanzines

The Lion Roars

No One Likes Us

Tales From Senegal Fields

Montrose Fanzines

Mo Mo Super Mo



Moor Green Fanzines

Moors Code



Morecambe Fanzines

Corpus Christie



Morton Fanzines

The Cappielow Bugle

Treble Chance

The Hoops




Mossley Fanzines

Stuffed Like A Valentine



Motherwell Fanzines

Where Ever You May Be

One Step Beyond

Great Leap Forward

Nay Need To Lose The Heid